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Ken Nekic DVM, EMT-P

Routine and Emergency House Calls
for 'All Creatures Great & Small'

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Introduction to a unique mobile veterinary practice
By: Dr. Ken

I started out doing house calls in 1991 with the goal of creating a modern day version of the veterinary practice depicted in the television series 'All Creatures Great & Small' based on the books written by James Herriot. Happily, l have successfully done that; and l still do Routine & Emergency House Calls with an open-minded, comprehensive approach that is proactive while not being afraid of treating patients in difficult situations.

Dr. Ken with the author's son Jim Wight
At the "World of James Herriot Museum" in Yorkshire, England
I am honored to have James Herriot's commitment to service that keeps the patient's & owner's best interests as the guiding force for everything I do.

I love helping all kinds of people help all kinds of animals. Unfortunately, I am not able to accommodate any direct care for Horses or farm animals that are not pets. But I have looked after every thing else over the last 32+ years - including wildlife.

I encourage you contact me if you are interested in having a productive, personal relationship with a veterinarian that will work with you directly to create the best possible care that is specifically tailored for your own pet's individual situation.

I am proud to say that l have been very effective and efficient with this method up until now. However-I think that it is time to offer multiple additional healing modalities that l have been exposed to that will better serve myself, my owners & my patients.

I will accomplish this through creating a full spectrum of healing modalities through my 'Medicine Wheel Project'.My goal is to create a healing community of professionals and pet owners who work together to utilize 32 different healing modalities/ products that are outside of the current conventional western medicine veterinary practice.Some of these modalities will be accessible on a house call basis, while others will be available at our 'Well-Being' Center that we are in the process of manifestating here in beautiful Columbus, Ohio.Some really amazing things are out there and l encourage you to check them out like l have.

I started my alternative Therapy research over 30 years ago, and l feel that there is still much more for me to learn.And l have incorporated some of them into my veterinary practice already.

But after personally witnessing & experiencing the success of Ozone therapy, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic medicine, it is time for me to incorporate them along with other therapy options into my already successful Routine and Emergency Mobile Veterinary Practice.

You are invited to join me on this incredible journey that will lead us all on the path of enlightenment & unity through community.


Dr. Ken

Services Dr. Ken provides in the comfort & convenience of the pet's home surroundings

The following comprehensive in-home services are available for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, exotics, chickens, goats, pot-bellied pigs:
Routine Exams & Vaccinations, Puppy/Kitten Wellness Protocols

House Calls are ideal for routine examinations, vaccines, deworming, and obtaining samples for patients who have a stressful experience traveling to the veterinary office.

House Calls are low to no stress. In fact, they are 100 to 1,000 times less stressful than taking an anxious cat, dog or bird into the office.

Many larger or older dogs, & older cats are ideal candidates for house calls. Because it is so much easier on them for me to visit them in their own environment.

Multiple pet households save time and stress on both the owners and the patients. And the cost is comparable or less expensive than taking them all individually into the office for routine veterinary care.

Parvovirus Testing, Prevention & Treatment

I have a high success rate for treating seriously ill puppies with active Parvo virus at their home for much less than having them hospitalized for the same treatment. The owners save a lot of money because they are providing the extensive care for the sick puppy themselves in their own home. It is a great option when it is feasible and possible for the owner to manage it this way.

Dental Cleaning & Extractions

Both dental cleaning and some extractions are potentially possible on a house call basis. Otherwise, we can coordinate for the it to done under anesthesia at my home office once the patient is properly prepared for a quick & successful procedure.

Deworming/Parasite Treatment

In one word - Ivermectin. Simple. Better. Cheaper.

Heartworm Testing, Prevention & Treatment

In one word - Ivermectin, Lol !! It's all about prevention, prevention, prevention.

Arthritis Management with Conventional & Alternative Therapies

I have a many simple to sophisticated protocols for arthritis prevention and management. This might be the one area where we have the most alternative therapies available for an owner to take advantage of for their pet. And the beautiful thing is, that many of the same options are available for the owner to utilize for themselves - if needed.

Cancer/Hospice Care & Management

There are options instead of chemotherapy, or to potentially augment a modified treatment protocol. But the key is prevention, prevention, prevention. However, once there is a diagnosis, we can help the owner explore some legitimate alternative options - if the owner is interested.

Holistic Therapies & Supplementation & Immunotherapy

There are many possibilities for you to explore, and l can help guide you through the many options. In fact, l have been actively conducting alternative healing & therapy clinical research for over 20 years now.

Low Stress Euthanasia with Transportation for Cremation

One of the services that separate my practice from everything else. My practice is one of, if not the the best at this process. Because l only help patients cross over when it is their time. We definitely can help owners with this difficult decision and process since l also provide the comfort and therapeutic care options prior to the final stage as well.

Necropsy (Autopsy for Animals) Services

Not many Veterinarians offer this service anymore, but l do, because it is important. Please contact me and we can discuss how & where this is done.

Skin/Food Allergy Testing

There are some exciting new developments and opportunities available that will allow the patient to live longer once they have had their digestive bacteria & dietary allergies properly tested & managed. Less or non- processed foods are becoming much more readily available and affordable.

Unprocessed/Raw Diet Management

We provde a common sense approach & support needed for owners to navigate through this labyrinth of information and possibilities.

Backyard Hen-laying Flock Management/Certification

I am able to provide the best possible support on every level, including the on-site visitation needed for certification through the Columbus Public Health Department for backyard hen laying flocks.

Sedation for Highly Anxious Pets (for exams, bloodwork, nail trimming, mat clipping)

Sometimes a little sedation goes a long way to provide a low stress option to some difficult patients, situations, & procedures. It can be done safely, even in many older patients as well.

*Dr. Nekic does not provide any other grooming services.

  • Proactive Routine Veterinary Care
  • Holistic/Alternative Therapies
  • In-Depth Medical Care
  • Emergency House Calls

Proactive Routine House Calls Are Low / No Stress

** House Calls are Ideal for routine Examinations, vaccines, deworming, and obtaining samples for Gram's Stains for birds, exotics, and other patients who have a difficult time traveling into the veterinary office.

** House Calls are 1/100 to 1/1,000 less stressful that packaging the older or stress cat patient into a carrier and then transporting those patients in your car for an unwanted experience in the wsiting & exam room. .

** Larger, older, or anxious dogs similarly all are less stressed with less wear & potential damage from the transportation to & from the veterinary office.

** Multiple pet housholds save time, stress on both the owners, and patients by staying at home for their routine healthcare - And it is usually not any more expensive that taking them into the office when l do a house call for them !!

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Holistic/Alternative Therapies

Holistic or alternative therapies have been gaining popularity in recent years as pet owners are seeking more natural and holistic approaches to pet healthcare. These therapies include a variety of approaches.

Alternative therapies are gaining popularity, Because they augment or even replace some traditional veterinary care practices. Alternative therapies can be used in conjunction with traditional veterinary care to provide a more holistic approach to pet healthcare. It is important to properly use these amazing modalities that will allow them to be a positive part of the entire therapeutic and preventative process.

In conclusion, holistic and alternative therapies can be a valuable addition to pet healthcare. These therapies offer a natural and gentle approach to promoting health and preventing illness in pets.

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In-Depth Medical Care for Pet Patients with Clinical Symptoms

It is important to be as proactive before and after a patient is experiencing clinical symptoms.

When our pets experience clinical symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, or lethargy, it is important to seek in-depth medical care. An in-depth medical examination & history evaluation can identify many possible underlying causes of the symptoms the patient is experiencing. Allowing for the initiation of timely appropriate treatment and management of the clinical situation.

If the exam and tests reveal an underlying health issue, we will work with the pet owner to develop a treatment plan that makes sense forboththe pet andcthe owner. Treatment may involve medication, dietary changes, or other therapies depending on the specific condition.

In addition to medical treatment, in-depth care may also involve providing supportive care to our pets. This may include administering fluids, dietary supplements, along with other options to allow our pets to function at their highest level physically, energetically, and emotionally.

As pet owners, it is important to be proactive about our pet's health.

Dr. Ken can help pet owners navigate through the my options that are available to the patient & owner to create an individualized preventative or therapeutic healthcare protocol that is designed to take in account each patient's situation, age, breed, metabolism, DNA, amongst other factors. It is exciting that there are many proven options now for evaluating many biological functions within the body to help establish individualized goals for each patient.

It is my intention to continue exploring all of the different possibilities through our 'Pet Medicine Wheel Project ' that will allow pet owners to lean and choose from 32 different healing modalities and products to augment the usual western medicine options.

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Emergency Pet House Calls

Emergency pet house calls are exactly what they sound like – a licensed veterinarian comes to your home in order to provide emergency care for your pet. This can include a range of services, from administering medication or fluid therapy, to diagnosing and treating illnesses and symptoms. Our comprehensive mobile veterinary service is low-stress and can be especially important when the pet is in distress, because transporting your pet to a veterinary hospital may not be feasible, safe or practical.

One of the primary benefits of emergency pet house calls is the convenience they offer. Many pet owners may have difficulty transporting their pet to a veterinary clinic, especially if their pet is large, in pain, or suffering from an acute illness. By having an experienced emergency veterinarian come to your home, pet owners can avoid the stress of transporting their pet and can focus on providing comfort and support to their loved one during a time of need.

Emergency pet house calls can also be particularly valuable for pets that are anxious or fearful of visiting a veterinary clinic. Some pets may experience high levels of stress or anxiety in clinical environments, which can exacerbate their condition or make it difficult to provide effective treatment. By having Dr. Ken comes to your home, these pets may feel more comfortable and at ease, allowing for more effective treatment and a better overall experience for both the pet and their owner.

Another important benefit of emergency pet house calls is the ability to receive timely veterinary care. In emergency situations, time is often of the essence, and delays in treatment can lead to worsening of a pet's condition or even death. By having a veterinarian come to their home, pet owners can receive timely treatment for their pet, which can make all the difference in a life-threatening situation.

In conclusion, emergency pet house calls can be an important resource for pet owners when their animals require urgent veterinary care. The convenience, comfort, and timely care that these services offer can be invaluable in a time of need. If you are a pet owner, it is important to familiarize yourself with the Dr. Ken’s emergency pet house call and preventative services.

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What our clients say

I recently had the pleasure of having Dr. Ken come to my home to perform a tooth cleaning for my dog, Yoda. I cannot express how impressed I was with his professionalism, knowledge, and skill.
From the moment Dr. Ken arrived, he put both Yoda and me at ease. He took the time to explain the procedure and what to expect, and made sure that Yoda was comfortable before starting the cleaning.
Throughout the cleaning, Dr. Ken was gentle and patient with Yoda, taking breaks when needed and ensuring that he was comfortable at all times. He also took the time to educate me on proper dental care for Yoda, and answered all of my questions thoroughly.
I was impressed with the level of care and attention that Dr. Ken and his assistant Donna Marie provided, and I am grateful to have found such a compassionate and skilled veterinarian. I highly recommend Dr. Ken for anyone in need of veterinary care for their furry family members.

Parent: Mrs. Maria Bruck

Pet Name: Crosby

Dr Ken was so helpful with my little (difficult) guy! He was able to get the vaccine administered and answered any questions I may have! Ken is so great at what he does. He came to my daughter's home for her cat's vet visit. He made us feel comfortable. We knew Crosby was going to be difficult. And he was. But Ken knew exactly what to do. He did everything that needed to be done and talked to us about a few other things that would help. He has also taken care of my mom's cat who is extremely difficult. But again he handled it perfectly! I would highly recommend him!!

Parent: Julia Andrade

Pet Name: Cooper

Dr. Ken Nekic is a dedicated professional who goes the extra distance for the health and well-being of his patients. He has been my family’s veterinarian since 2005 and has assisted us in maintaining the top health of three of our dogs. He truly cares about the overall well-being of our beloved furry family members. He was instrumental in helping two of our dogs through very trying health conditions. He was also the consummate professional and impressive friend of the family when two of our dogs came to the end of their lives. He ensured these painful losses and transition of our loved ones was done with immense compassion and heartfelt caring. I would not have wanted anyone else to have been there at this tremendously trying time for the family.

Parent: Jenkins Family

Dr Ken has been a God send to me and my dogs. The first time I called him was when my eldest dog was having what I thought was a seizure. He came and diagnosed her and cared for her and cared for me as well, as I was terrified.
I have large dogs and I know that it would be impossible for me to get my canine friends into my car by myself, so having a Vet that’s willing to make house calls, even late at night, is the most wonderful thing.
I can’t thank Dr.Ken enough and am extremely grateful to him as well!

Pet Parent Name: Yvonne Woodson

Pet Name: Crosby

Left to right:
Tim with 'Champ'
Dean with 'Fenris'
Dr. Ken with 'Corvus'
(All 3 are patients of Dr. Ken)
** Multiple pet household - made easier through house calls **